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Talk with former clients. Ask for references. Follow up on these references and find out how professionally the job was done, how easy it was to communicate, and whether or not they would use them again.

In any home or commercial electrical system, it is important to install circuit breakers. Circuit breakers help to ensure that the system functions properly and appropriately. A faulty circuit breaker can contribute to a house fire if not addressed, or can simply be an inconvenience as it may prevent power from flowing adequately to appliances….

Electricians can also install and upgrade outlets for safety purposes. An arc fault circuit interruptor (AFCI) outlet cuts off power in the breaker box as soon as it detects a sharp spike or drop in voltage. This prevents dangerous sparks or excessive heat, which is a common cause of residential electrical fires. AFCI upgrades cost about $40 per breaker plus labor, so electricians estimate this work should cost between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars, depending on the scope of the replacement. A ground fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) outlet detects disturbances in current and shuts off electrical flow quickly. This protects against electrical shock by breaking the circuit immediatley, faster than circuit breakers or fuses. They are typcially installed in areas that come in contact with water, like kitchens or bathrooms, but can be installed anywhere. Although they primarily protect against electrocution, they also provide further protection against fires and damage to appliances. A GFCI outlet can normally be identified by the “reset” and “test” buttons on their face.

Once I had paid, Rick did not care about my job. He did not follow up in a professional manner. Not sure why the company chose the name “affordable” because they are not inexpensive and ended up costing me a lot of extra time and unnecessary grief.  Very disappointed.

It’s always tempting to attempt home repair projects yourself. There are numerous benefits to DIY projects, with labor savings being right at the top. However, some projects really do require the assistance of a professional, and electrical repair work and renovation work are certainly among them. Here are the top 10 reasons why it’s best…

Redundant Wiring – Some DIYers install their own electrical systems, making changes without removing old wiring. A light fixture that was moved may be wired correctly, but if the old wires weren’t removed they could be a fire hazard hiding within your walls or ceiling. Removing old wiring involves cutting through the drywall, locating the redundant systems, and physically removing the wire. A home electrical inspector costs about $200.00, but you should budget up to $400.00 to cover larger houses. If the inspector finds problems, the cost of repairing or removing dangerous wires varies according to how big the problem is. Electricians generally charge $50.00 to $60.00 per hour.

The running wires and the opening walls – This demands that the contractor will need extra charges to ensure the holes are devoid of dirt or any previous cables and that the new ones are inserted, run, and fixed in the space. This will often cost about $3500 to $8000.

An electrical system is a must in any home, old or new, before your home can be considered legally “livable.” A home must have a breaker box sufficient to handle the expected electrical load on the house, and there are regulations covering the number and placement of switches and outlets.


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Find out who’s doing the work: You’ll want to know if the electrician does the job themselves, if they employ helpers or apprentices, or if they use subcontractors. In the case of helpers and apprentices, verify that a licensed electrician will supervise them, and in the case of subcontractors, make certain their insurance covers you as well. 

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In addition to emergency services, electricians make electrical repairs and replace electrical parts. They are trained to address problems such as blown fuses and electrical relay malfunctions. Electricians can deal with wiring and cabling issues as well. They are trained to address all of the problems you face in a timely fashion.

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Breaker Box – Also called an electrical panel, this houses the breakers that, when a large draw is detected in the line, “break” the circuit and help prevent fires. They replaced the old fuse system of older houses.

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Though the basics of electrical work have not significantly changed in the last few decades, electrical contractors and homeowners alike face new challenges as advancing technology creates heavier demand on electrical loads and presents new opportunities for major upgrades such as home automation.

NoFixNoPay is an Emergency-Service electrician. Owner Operated within the Unlicensed minor-work exception, CA B&P 7048, enforced by the Contractors State License Board.Power fail, Inspection correction, & repair average 2 hours.  Fire Code continuing education with the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Price Quotes by phone before dispatch. 1) Never => $500. No License Violations.2) No helpers. No Workers Comp Violations.3) No down payments. No financial Bonds needed.4) No Legal Cause to void Property Insurance

You may have chosen the best contractor near you, but man is to err. When you realize you made a mistake in your choice, you need an exit route, lest you end up trapped in a contract that is no longer serving your interests. This is why you should always ask the contractor about their warranty policy and have a written document to support it. The contractor is obliged to disclose the terms of the warrant policy and you can ask for clarification where you do not understand. This will save you future problems whenever the contractor performs poorly, compromising your safety or the efficiency of the system.

Our electrician directory is the most trusted resource to find local electricians to provide a range of residential, commercial and industrial electrical services. The companies listed on our directory provide a range of electrical services including design services, construction and maintenance of external and internal electrical networks and telecommunications facilities; construction and maintenance of homes and buildings; and serve the commercial, industrial, residential and state entities at the national and international market. Our electricians can help you solve whatever electrical problem you have.

Most homeowners call electricians in an emergency or if they’re building or remodeling. It’s important to research a contractor and find a skilled electrician before you need one. By building a rapport with an electrician, you can be sure that they will be there to help when you need their services. So, you’ll want to hire an electrician for regular inspections before an emergency takes place. A good electrical contractor will become familiar with your home’s systems and possibly discover emerging problems before they become major situations. 

A voltage drop is the reduction in voltage in an electrical circuit that occurs when the current is passed through the wire. Essentially, when a current flows about a circuit, there is a drop in energy potential across the circuit. Wires carrying current always have an inherent degree of resistance, or impedance, to that current’s…

The first tip is to ensure you know what you want. This kind of clarity will guide you in your search. You may consider the best experts in the specific areas you need to work on, as well as considering the size of your project, before looking for a electrician. Setting clear expectations and defining your needs, makes the work easier for both the parties. The contractor will then be capable of giving you a specific term of service as well as the requirements of your project.

I was so pleased with Rick’s work that I called his company again three weeks later.  Andrew showed up @ 7 am sharp and completed the job in less than 30 minutes!  Absolutely superior service.  I definitely recommend Rick & crew!

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