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Professional Image: When it comes to acquiring the most lucrative jobs, image is everything. Trying to manage your contracting business from a cell phone not only wastes time, but also lowers productivity and efficiency. More importantly, it lacks the polished presentation of high-end businesses. With well-trained representatives manning your phones, your company will appear larger and more professional, even if you are a one-man operation.

You’ve heard it before.  Excellent service is hard to find in Miami. You’re left waiting for a service call that comes late, or not at all. The truck breaks down. The work is done poorly. The part is not available. The issues go on and on. Wiremasters Electric is all about changing that. We want your total experience with us to exceed your expectations.

I have long been fascinated with how we power our world. Following my childhood in South Africa I moved to the US at 19 for a 4 year electrical apprenticeship in South Florida before heading north to the Emerald City. After seeing both customers and colleagues frustrated by their home electrical experiences, I started my own company in 1997 dedicated to creating positive client-contractor relationships.

At Arrow Electric, Inc., we pride ourselves in being the #1 go-to for outstanding electrical services in Dallas. Our family-owned and operated company has proudly served the community’s electrical needs for nearly two decades. Through the solid reputation we’ve built in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our customers fully trust our professional team.

Provides electrical installation, design support, constructability input, and field verification for electrical, instrumentation and automation installations including pneumatic and computer-based process control systems.

Not trying to get into anyones business…..but just looking for some ball park numbers on what you charge for service calls & etc. I have been in business for 5 yrs and have never had so many people asking me this when they call as I have now. I use to get a question or project presented to me then they would ask how much, Now it is the other way around. I know that some electricians local are charging dirt cheap rates. I will say that with a typical service call I will charge $75-85.00/hr. and these will take less than 2 hrs. Anything more I will charge for the job. Just curious….I’m in South Carolina as I know that rates vary across the U.S.

SAS has a team of more than 300 highly trained representatives who will respond to your construction business’ every need. Whether it’s taking messages and scheduling appointments, providing basic estimates according to your fees and services roster, or conducting follow-up survey calls, we can do it all. Our affordable services are tailored to your requirements. With a remote receptionist available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ensure there is always a live-voice agent ready to provide home improvement buyers and materials suppliers with courteous care.

Many other electric companies quickly sprang up across the U.S. and in Europe as the race was on to generate electricity and disseminate it to businesses and homes. Natural gas light fixtures and kerosene lamps were phased out as the electric networks grew.

His company trains electricians not only on electrical competencies, but also on life skills. For example, his firm has offered seminars on finance, leadership, and spirituality for his three journeymen, two apprentices, two lighting specialists, and one master electrician.

The electrical trade is one of a select few specialty trades that requires extensive licensing and continuing education. Due to the level of the risk involved from improperly installed components, we recommend you trust a licensed and insured professional to do your electrical work. One thing you can do to reduce costs and get the job done quicker is to make sure your home is ready for electrical work to be done prior to the arrival of our crew. Working in an environment that is free and clear of clutter allows us to be as efficient as possible with your time and ours.

We had an emergency at 11:00 PM, a full power outage in mid-winter. The technician was here in less than 30 minutes. Quickly discovered the problem (short and burned wires in an outdoor electric outlet). Fixed problem by repairing wiring, improving the connection, and updating the breaker box legend. The technician was personable, knowledgeable, thorough, explained the issue and the resolution clearly, and resolved it quickly. We had power back, with no further concerns about the wiring issue, in less than 2 hours from initial phone call. Dennis J. Weiss

Our closely held values are what set Mirsky Electric apart, allowing us to humbly offer you the best customer service experience combined with a knack for problem solving. We base all our professional interactions on a foundation of:

Since 1997 our dedication to providing high-quality electrical services and customer experiences has been achieved through the energy, enthusiasm and work ethic of our team. With over a century of collective experience under our tool belts, we take great pride in our work, from using green building practices to providing realistic service quotes, and even something as simple as arriving when we say we will.

Ideal Electrical Services knows that any type of interruption in your electrical systems means downtime, and loss of productivity. That’s why we offer emergency electrical services to both businesses and residential customers throughout the Las Vegas Metro area. We provide electrical troubleshooting using the latest diagnostic equipment to get your power restored in a timely manner.

Currently I charge by the job for handyman services. I have a customer who wants me to charge hourly and tells me to charge a trip charge or service call for missed appointments. (its more a demand than a request as they are my biggest customer) So do i charge a Service call plus hourly, Does the service call include any labor or is that to just show up, What is normal business practice, Thanks for the help

Hiring an electrician is an important decision because they work with critical home systems that affect nearly every aspect of the building and can cause significant inconvenience, damage or even house fires if the work goes wrong. 

In a team or at the helm, I make it a point to treat everyone like family. From supporting my employees and advising customers to being a dad of three, my focus is on ensuring each one of these interactions is handled with care and respect. When it’s time to turn off the lights and head home, I can’t get enough soccer (go Liverpool – YNWA!), hiking, golf and listening to my record collection.

Journeymen electricians work with mechanical connections, lighting installation, power supplies, security systems and communications in both residences and commercial buildings. Journeymen electricians have completed several years of on-the-job training and acquired the appropriate license in their state. They are qualified to work in a wide variety of electrican contracting tasks and can usually oversee apprentices or helpers. A journeyman electrician may also work on overhead lines.

You are right in the ballpark but I think $75/hr per man, 2hr minimum is the lowest I would go and there are guys actually cheaper than that here in NJ, which blows my mind up. For the record I am not a service based contractor so I am sure there is more to the numbers game if that sector is all you focus on. For instance I know some National Maintenance companies have DNE’s set at $60/HR, I’ve been told they will adjust if you provide details on why the job will cost more but I know nothing beyond that.

On-Call Services – Riverside recently added two new Elliott bucket trucks with 48ft reach to our fleet. Our goal is to continue provide the best and most response lighting maintenance services at highly competitive prices.