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If you’re a small company, additional project costs or delays may put your entire company at risk. If you’re a large company, some overruns and delays may be acceptable. But no matter what size company you have, make sure you write down some hard numbers. How much cost and delay is acceptable, Remember, this isn’t your preference, it’s just the bottom-line number your company can tolerate. A smaller company may be able to accept a tolerance level equal to profit, whereas a larger company may accept profit plus several thousand dollars.

Other key point must be considered before bidding a job. What is your labor force like, Are you a union or non-union shop, If you are a union shop, then your field labor is dependent on available workers when you call the union hall. If you are a non-union contractor, you have a staff of electricians. What is their experience level, If you, your foreman, and your electricians have absolutely no experience in a certain type of work, then you must think twice before bidding it. A good example is a wastewater treatment plant. It’s not clean work — no pun intended. It’s full of PVC-coated rigid conduit, explosionproof fittings, and a lot of equipment — definitely not “learning ground” for any contractor.

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Bacon, Robert W.; Besant-Jones, John E.; Heidarian, Jamshid; Bacon, Robert W.*Besant-Jones, John E.*Heidarian, Jamshid. 1996. Estimating construction costs and schedules : experience with power generation projects in developing countries (English). World Bank technical paper ; no. WTP 325. Energy series. Washington, D.C. : The World Bank. http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/272321468739783746/Estimating-construction-costs-and-schedules-experience-with-power-generation-projects-in-developing-countries

I am interested in renewable energy coursesI am new to the industry and want to train in solar PVI am already an electrician looking to train in solar PVI am interested in renewable energy awareness in generalmore

I have over 20 years experience in commercial, industrial,and residential. Why do people think we should only charge as much ad a land scaper. I don’t feel at all ashamed to charge 100. Or more per hour. All the school and field training we as electricians have to go through. People have no idea. Most people think you just hook up some wires and your all set. There is a whole lot more to it. Maditory 21 every three years code updates….suck! Funny people with electrical problems wont fix them until they break. If they have a leak in their pipe and water is coming in they call a terd herder and dont even question how much he just charged. Or if they have a gas water heater and it is shot. They don’t care what it cost…they juat pay it. If its an electric heater and the pumber just charged 125.00 an hour they expect to pay the electrician 25 an hour. Yeah sorry that will be 125.00 plus material. People need to wake up and start to realize Electricians are not over rated painters.

You’ve completed your take-off, entered the job quotes, applied profit, overhead, and taxes to your estimate, and you believe you’ve accounted for everything. What could possibly go wrong, Plenty. The questions you have to ask yourself are, Where will the project go awry, and what can you do as the estimator to reduce the possibility of the project coming in at a loss, Risk assessment estimating is the best weapon you have against project catastrophes, as long as you follow these steps:

The terms “certification” and “license” are often used interchangeably when discussing whether or not an electrician is eligible to work independently in his or her state. Regardless of which word is used, however, holding an electrician certification or license is absolutely mandatory if you intend to work in the electrical industry.

A voltage drop is the reduction in voltage in an electrical circuit that occurs when the current is passed through the wire. Essentially, when a current flows about a circuit, there is a drop in energy potential across the circuit. Wires carrying current always have an inherent degree of resistance, or impedance, to that current’s…

First, study the plans and specifications of the project as a whole. This allows you to determine whether or not it fits in with your company’s mix of projects. You should take into account the following factors:

We were very impressed with Derek and his work but the next day we discovered one of the circuits in the kitchen/dining room didn’t work. We figured it was a minor fix but left multiple messages which were all ignored.

It’s important that you quantify your risks so you’ll know how a delay or cost overrun will affect your bottom line. Start by determining your tolerance level. Then assign a probability and cost to each risk. Finish by assigning a priority to each risk.

Whether your work is high-voltage, cable, and wiring, lighting, or systems work, electrical estimating courses teach various skills that contractors must know in order to accurately estimate profitable projects.

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Speaking of which, do you know what your firm is good at, Do you know what size project is most profitable for your company, Following that same school of thought, do you have the tools, equipment, supervision, and infrastructure for the work you bid, Again, work with your accountant if you are overwhelmed with getting answers to your questions. There is no sense chasing work that will not ultimately turn a profit for your company.

WAYNE J. DEL PICO is president of W. J. Del Pico, Inc., where he provides litigation support services and expert testimony for construction-related matters. He has more than 35-years of experience in construction project management and estimating and has been involved in projects throughout most of the United States. He is a member of the adjunct faculty at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Mr. Del Pico is a nationally recognized lecturer and author on estimating, scheduling, and project control. He is the author of Plan Reading and Material Takeoff, Estimating Building Costs, and Project Control: Integrating Cost and Schedule in Construction, and coauthor of The Practice of Cost Segregation Analysis. He is also a practicing Neutral with the American Arbitration Association, where he hears construction-related arbitration cases.

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The electrical estimating process begins with knowing your business and worth. Consider what your strength, size, and experience are and discuss costs with an accountant or another specialist. It is essential that you know all costs including direct and indirect expenses before you offer a bid. The electrical estimating process can be unforgiving due to the high costs of conduits, wiring, and sub-assemblies. When estimating costs, time is usually limited and accuracy is essential. Juggling labor rates and materials, especially when working on multiple bids can lead to errors and miscalculations. You don’t want this to result in offering too low of a bid and end up risking a profit. The first step in avoiding lost profit begins with accurately calculating your true electrical labor costs.

With 26 annual cost data books and over 70 reference books, RSMeans is the cost estimating authority that construction professionals recognize. Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition covers 120+ topics in 26 chapters for comprehensive guidance on providing estimates for virtually any electrical task or project. This edition has been revised to reflect current labor-hour productivities and methods for obtaining material prices in accordance with recognized industry standards and best practices.

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To help make the estimating process a little less daunting, there are courses and software applications than can help. These various courses and software applications help electrical contractors estimate profitable projects quickly and efficiently so that they choose projects that are worth their while.

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The cost of a risk can be measured in dollars, lost time, lost quality, or a combination of the three. You must realize your biggest risk is associated with labor. As you know, project overruns are covered by profit. To quantify this risk in dollars and cents, divide the projected profit for all of the tasks at risk by the labor dollars for all of those tasks. Subtract the result from one. The result is known as a labor risk factor. Multiply that resultant by the total labor cost to obtain a risk cost:

To get to the heart of the matter, you must first know your business. This task is easier said than done, however. First, if you do not have an accountant or a relationship with your accountant, start the new year off right and establish one. Your accountant can tell you a lot of things about your business that you may not know. When I work with contractors to put together a bid, I often get a blank stare or silence on the other end of the phone when we get to the overhead part of the bid. When bidding a job, you should cover all costs — both direct (those things related directly to the job, such a commodity material, labor, quotes, direct job expenses, and the like) and indirect (such as your overhead). If you don’t know your overhead, how do you know you’re truly covering your cost, The process of determining and changing overhead need not be daunting, but this information is critical to the estimating process.

Use historical job cost data to determine the likelihood of each risk. There are programs designed to compare bidding history against your current estimate. Using one of these programs can help isolate potential problem areas in the estimate. Next, determine the likelihood of your company taking a loss on a given project. For example, if your company historically incurs losses 40% of the time it undergoes a particular task, flag that task as a risk. Based on these numbers, set a percentage level at which a task will be considered risky.

I recently installed a ceiling fan/light fixture. The fan works great but every time I turn the light on, the bulb does not light and there is a continuous clicking sound. I’ve checked the wiring but cannot find the problem. Any ideas,

State and local licensing levels indicate the electrician’s qualifications. Specifics vary by state, but someone certified and licensed as a residential wire electrician, residential appliance contractor or maintenance electrician may have less training and experience than a journeyman electrician or a master electrician — the latter typically has the most experience and has met the most stringent level of licensing requirements. Ask to see the electrician’s license and proof of insurance, and check with the state licensing board[6] to be sure the license is current.

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