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Well I do know the panel is grounded because since last winter when a storm pulled the main line and meter off the house. An electrician came out then to fix up the wiring from the meter and installed a ground. I’m not sure if that is a good sign or not.

I can tell you no electrician in this country is that efficient, so now lets factor in unpaid time and expense’s for obtaining materials, consultations, quoting, paperwork, faulty equipment to be removed, shipped and replaced, incorrect information and 3rd party mistakes, jobs overrunning due to unforeseen circumstances. Lets be generous and say 33% down time. The hourly rate is now £ 25.93 and we are still flat out all day every day.

These days most households have a plethora of electrical appliances with new additions almost every month. When you consider HD television gear, sound systems, air-conditioners and dozens of plug-in chargers you need to be even more vigilant.

The same applies for commercial establishments though the details may vary due to the amount of electricity used in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings also have varying requirements when it comes to electricity, making it a more complex case.

All personnel at A-Team Electrical Services, Inc. are OSHA and MSHA prepared and trained to work at many different types of industrial sites. We also carry both a commercial electrical and high voltage license that enables us to work on voltages up to and exceeding 15K volts on both underground and aerial installations. Our personnel also have extensive training and education in the communications and data communications field with expertise in the repair, installation and testing of cat 5/6 cabling systems, fiber optic and solar electrical systems.

The actual NEMA 14-50 receptacle is maybe $15. The electrician is going to be between $100 and $300 depending upon the amount of work they have to do. The rest is wire and conduit. I’d budget for $500 if the plug will be very close to the electrical panel and $1000 if not.

Touched on already, there are a few different outlet types. Standard outlets, or 120 volt outlets, are the easiest and cheapest outlets to install. They are typically used for smaller electrical items or TVs. Heavy-duty outlets, or 220 to 240 volt outlets, may cost a little more than a standard outlet, but more often than not, fall in the same range. Heavy-duty outlets are typically used for washing machines, dryers and stoves. Finally, grounded outlets, used around sinks, are generally more expensive than standard or heavy-duty outlets.

Make sure the electrician is licensed. Ask to see a copy of his or her current license, or ask for the licensing number and check with your state’s labor department or licensing board to make sure the license is active.

An electrician may charge $100 to $260 to replace an existing light fixture with a chandelier. It is important that your ceiling is able to support the weight of your chandelier. Additional charges will be incurred if there are upgrades made to the box or wiring.

“I totally agree with the comments made by d metcalfe. Customers very often don’t live in the real world when it comes down to cost. When comments are made about being “ripped off” and electricians “lining their pockets” with “huge profit margins” it makes my blood boil. I am a domestic installer registered with the NICEIC and confirm what d metcalfe has pointed out so well, that the overheads involved in running a small business are astronomic! The reality is with the present economic down turn customers will try to save money. The result is that sparks who are prepared to cut corners will very often steal work from those who are not and more often than not get away with it. One day they will not and it will be the customers house that will burn down! If it’s an unregistered cowboy outfit they certainly won’t have any liability insurance. I beg customers not to take chances with electrical safety. With a small ammount of knowledge it is possible to wire up electrics. But it takes full comprehensive knowledge to wire up electrics safely and this comes at a price. ”

We work hard to help you make confident decisions regarding which home products and services to purchase, as well as help you identify trustworthy local Chino Valley dryer installation contractors. Our goal is to make sure you are able to have quality work completed at a fair price and on time.

“Just been quoted (July 08) £6900 for full rewire of old cottage – 3 beds, 2 x vestibules, kitchen, 3 public rooms, 2 bathrooms. This includes 8 spots in lounge; sockets in two rooms which will operate lamps from light switches; suitable bathroom-quality downlighters; 7 wall lights; new consumer unit resited from original position; gatepost wiring; 2 x outside lights; 1 x outside socket; trunking in 2 rooms to each house 8 x sockets + 2 x phone sockets; 22 additional double sockets; loft lights x 2. Most of the light fittings are not included in the price, just the wiring. The house is occupied/furnished and has mostly solid walls which will be channelled and replastered by the electrician. Location: Lincolnshire”

Traditional ceiling mounts are used to support many of the old-world light fixtures in most houses, from “flush mount” lights (usually like half globes mounted on the ceiling) to chandeliers and even fans with lights attached. There are quite a few designs from which to choose but all will require a metal box mounted firmly to overhead studs or joists, in addition to cables installed to that box from existing house wiring. The electricians’ fees for installation and wiring will range from $88 to $222 on average.

I know it depends on where you are and who does it, just pleeease somebody give me a ballpark, Should I expect a couple thousand, 10 thousand, That’s a big difference! I cannot find information anywhere and want to know if it’s even feasible before I have a professional come in. It’s approximately 23… show more

Not all lights fit into every space, either. To avoid further costs and difficulties, before purchasing a fixture you should check with an electrician to ensure it is rated for the power provided to that spot and that there is space to fit it onto the wall or ceiling.

5) in case this question comes up – if your existing wiring runs in BX (metal flex) conduit, no it cannot be used as the grounding path. Code requires a separate internal grounding wire if the distance that the conduit is acting as ground exceeds 6 feet.

Update 2: Thanks, rhubarb, do you think that is what you would charge for the whole place, That’s actually music to my ears since we have a total house remodel budget of 10000 and almost nothing has been redone since the 70’s so there’s a lot to get to.

I would just have an electrician come out and take a look at it. I have been having problems with the electricity at my cabin. I need to find an electrician that can come check things out and hopefully fix the problem.

Well-planned and properly installed outdoor lighting can improve the beauty, safety, and value of your home or business. Your exterior lighting installation contractor can help you plan lighting that is appropriate for your property. Consider the location and style of light fixtures as well as the condition and features of your installation site when budgeting for the project.

Electrical maintenance services are not only offered to commercial establishments but to residential buildings as well. Electricians check electrical wiring systems to ensure that there are no issues that can cause sudden increase in energy consumption or accidents such as electrocution and fires.

Fluorescent lighting is most often found in garages or other workspaces where the function of a light is more important than its style. However, the lower cost of operating fluorescent lights compared to standard incandescent bulbs also makes them popular among energy-conscious homeowners.

Like many trade groups, electricians learn their craft by going to vocational schools and shadowing professionals on the job. In order to become a full-fledged professional, a person must undergo an apprenticeship with master and journeyman electricians. An apprentice needs 8,000 hours of practical work before graduating to the journeyman level.

Electricians also make sure that they can finish their work on time even when working on residential homes. Since both commercial buildings and residential homes need effective, efficient and prompt service, licensed electricians make sure that projects won’t take too long as to enable clients to use their electrical systems as soon as possible.

Warning, if your house has two prong receptacles then you may not have a ground present. Do not install three prong receptacles until you know. Also if your house is wired with flexible metal conduit and no ground wire installing three prong receptacles creates a dangerous, fire starting situation. You can install a GFCI receptacle and it’s actually safer than a grounded receptacle.

You can replace a chandelier yourself, if you are confident doing electrical projects and have a few electrical tools, but if there’s any doubt in your mind, hire an electrician to make the swap. Another option is to use the installation service at the retailer where you buy the chandelier.

These guys were super professinal and polite. The fixed my bathroom vent and installed can lights very promptly and with no problems! If you ever have electrician problems in the house, call Pacific Palisades Electrical Services and forget about all of your issues!

A ground-fault circuit interrupter, also called a GFCI device, is required in all electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathroom of a house to reduce the danger of a deadly shock from a faulty plug-in cord or appliance. These devices are also required in all the wet areas of a house like an unfinished basement, laundry room or garage, as well as outdoor areas and wherever there’s construction activity. The device measures outgoing and returning current and shuts off the power if it detects a possible dangerous current imbalance. It has a test button that switches off the power to the outlet and any receptacles connected to it when it is pushed in.

It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it will be an expense at some point. To change them out to grounded outlets isn’t going to cost a ton, but you’ll want to get an electrician to come in and do it, for sure, as most fatal electrocutions occur from 120v, which is what feeds your outlets.

AAA Electrical Services, Inc., located in New Haven, Connecticut, says their residential electrical inspections start at $199.  This quote, according to the website, would be good for a 1,300 square foot home with no detached buildings/garages.

Electricians must complete thousands of hours of training in order to get a license to practice their trade, so make sure not only the company you choose but the employees doing the work show you their license. When you view the license, ensure that it’s up to date and that it’s issued by your state.

The bottom line is that if you are not professionally skilled enough to check the wiring in your home then, for safety’s sake, you need to call an electrician on a regular basis to do the checks for you.