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Most states require electricians to pass a test and be licensed. Requirements vary by state. For more information, contact your local or state electrical licensing board. Many of the requirements can be found on the National Electrical Contractors Association’s website.

My question is about breakers. I notice all the 240v breakers in my box have only one switch and not two, for example my dryer and range. But according to your videos this will require a double pole breaker. What is the difference in these breakers,

Deborah G. said “What CAN’T he do would be the Question.I consider James a life saver…especially to someone just moving into the area and knowing no one and who to trust. His knowledge seems endless.Please do yourself a…” read more

“Any qualified electrician who does the work for the average prices you have quoted, needs to go back to school and begin their maths classes all over again. Some of the prices I come across as an NIC contractor makes my blood boil because either the people giving them are either cutting corners, not understanding the regs, plain stupid, mad as a hatter or on a mission to do charity work, £341.00 for a new board that must be one little piece of junk installed, dear god give me strength.”

CareerOneStop includes hundreds of occupational profiles with data available by state and metro area. There are links in the left-hand side menu to compare occupational employment by state and occupational wages by local area or metro area. There is also a salary info tool to search for wages by zip code.

For example: producing a 1500 watt output requires about 217 amperes of current from your car’s system. It’s actually about a third of that for music, which doesn’t put out full power all the time — but it’s still a lot of current.  Most stock alternators are in the 80-120 ampere range and can only supply about 40% to 50% of that for non-automotive uses like amplifiers.

The less your average cost per kilowatt-hour will be. Suppose you used 600 kilowatt-hours during the month. You can see that the average cost per kilowatt-hour is less for 3,500 KWH! Electric Heat/ an electrician to find out how much a sub–meter for Rate Code H-1

Locate the breakers in the main panel that control the existing lights and outlets in the room and turn them off. If the breakers aren’t labeled, you may need someone to help you by checking the lights while you flip them off one by one. Test all the outlets to ensure they’re dead by plugging a working lamp into each one and turning it on; it should not turn on.

What does a chandelier cost, That’s a really tough question to answer. There aren’t many items quite like the chandelier. You may find a chandelier for under $100 at your local home improvement center. You can also spend over $1,000 on a fancy, high priced chandelier. You can take it to almost any level you want with these luxury lighting chandeliers. You can easily spend $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 on a lavish lighting fixture.

Cut a hole in the drywall with a drywall saw for each new switch, outlet or light fixture you plan to install. The hole should be the exact size of the electrical box you plan to install there, but you’ll have to oversize it to give yourself enough room to nail it to a stud or rafter.

I recently installed a ceiling fan/light fixture. The fan works great but every time I turn the light on, the bulb does not light and there is a continuous clicking sound. I’ve checked the wiring but cannot find the problem. Any ideas,

Now, ZIP code 86305 homeowners benefit from a stable real estate market, with the average listing price modestly growing 3.4 percent last year to reach $605,917. During the same period, number of homes for sale increased slightly year-over-year by 2.8 percent, from 216 to 222 listings, allowing buyers more wiggle room in their searches. One of the hottest things going right now is the knotty alder kitchen cabinets which seem to be prevalent in homes in ZIP code 86305. Variety is the spice of life and the good selection of fitness centers in this place makes it easy to try something new every day and never get bored. Some residential properties in ZIP code 86305 feature powder rooms which help to minimize the fights over bathroom space while families try to get out the door in the morning.

Hiller Heating and Plumbing charged me $13,000.00 at a 9.9% interest for a complete rewire, new panel and outlets of an existing house built in 1963. If I understand correctly, you are telling me the National Average would be approximately $4,000.00 and that would have been the high end. I feel I’ve been taken advantage of Jipped!. It took the Electrician  a week to complete the work Because he had a gift of Gab and  never cleaned up after himself at the end of the day so  white sheet rock all over my navy carpet. It drove me crazy so of course I had to vacuum and Oh yes, I had to replace my vacuum.He had the A/C guys helping him and had to go behind them and correct their work on the wiring. which freaked me out and I was even charged an additional $125.00 for a motion detector light switch that was put in after calling him back out because the switch for the Living Room was on the  opposite side of the wall from the front door. So when I exited my house for work in the mornings, I would be in pitch dark after turning my light off to exit my house. The A/C guys were great very professional and respectful in replacing a new unit not sure why existing duck work wasn’t replaced on a 20 yr. old system or retaped, 

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Mike was dependable and very professional. He did not try to over-sell me and was careful to only do what he had to do to correct the problem. His prices were very reasonable and I felt I got my money’s worth.

Employment of electricians is projected to grow 9 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. As homes and businesses require more wiring, electricians will be needed to install the necessary components.

Do This:  You probably already know how to bend out prongs to make the wire stay in the outlet.  Hardware stores often sell replacement wires for lamps that are easy to replace. Be careful about appliance cords, though – these are not always so easy to deal with, given the high power draws. Finally, the outlet may simply need to be replaced if it is old enough.

Imagine years of enjoyment and experience unmatched quality of work and lowest prices, because the most reputable award winning licensed electricians with a track record of excellence in Chino Valley and nearby compete for my attention today.

Divide this by 240 working days throughout the year, equates to £45.83 per day and the van hasn�t even used any fuel leaving the drive yet. 240 days is 48 of 5 day weeks, allowing 4 weeks holiday with no time off for sickness, training, assessment, meetings or any other miscellaneous time, where not able to work. Now lets leave the drive and burn some fuel (just to get to the job) Van fuel lets say £30.00 per week ( as if ), £1440.00

We lost our homeowner’s ins due to alum wiring & now can’t find another co. to insure us. Through the BBB, I got several quotes from electricians that ranged from $9K to $18K with lengthy time frames that varied wildly. My husband decided to rewire the house himself. To date, we have almost tapped out the $5K 0% credit card we got for this purchase & he’s still got a long way to go. We do, however, have all the supplies & tools already purchased–he’s just having to swap out the odd thing, buy something he finds he needs, or buy another tool he needs. I don’t foresee a lot more money but it’s going to take a V-E-R-Y long time to finish and we’re almost 5 weeks in. But by doing it himself, he gets to keep all the tools he purchased, there has been no drywall damage so far, & he’s learned a LOT. I’ll just be glad when it’s done and we’re insured again!!

Whole house surge protector installation requires electricians to access the electrical panels of the house to determine the type of device they need to install to prevent electrical surges from affecting the appliances connected to the wiring system. The device used in protecting the entire house will depend on the amount of energy being used around the house as well as the type and number of appliances causing the power surge.

2016 Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel. No power at all coming into the unit. Won’t even charge the 12 volts battery. All 12 volts work until dead. Heard a pop in the panel not a fuse or breaker but something on the board where the cooling fans are I believe. Any help or suggestions

If you have a vintage brass chandelier with a lot of cut glass crystals, you might be able to get a lot of money for them. I have seen some of them sell for $1000 – $2000. However I have also seen some of them seel for $50. In part it depends on the kind and in part it depends on when, how, and where you sell it. replacement crystals are pretty costly, so you might be able to sell just the crystals for more than the cost of replacing the lights. In fact, if you buy some ordinary fixture from Lowes or Home Depot, you may be able to make a profit on this transaction.

Consumer unit replacement – upgrading your consumer unit will allow you to install additional circuits and make other changes. For this job, electricians will charge anything from £300 to £450 and take up to a day to finish.

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