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A couple of notes to you – figure out in advance what you are going to do about base gaps if you have an out-of-flat or textured ceiling, because this large base is going to have gaps all around it on a normal ceiling. Perhaps you need to buy some white foam weatherstrip narrow strip (comes as small as about 3/16″ thick by 1/4″ wide, though I wouldthink you would want 1/2 or 3/4″ wide to make it easier to position it) to fill the gap as it goes up in – do NOT peel the sticky back paper covering, just put it up agaisnt the ceiling so it does not show.

I recently installed a ceiling fan/light fixture. The fan works great but every time I turn the light on, the bulb does not light and there is a continuous clicking sound. I’ve checked the wiring but cannot find the problem. Any ideas,

Hi, my battery died today and after a jump start it seemed as the battery didn’t have enough juice. I noticed the positive battery terminal was loose and when tightening it broke. Replaced the battery terminal and had to jumpstart the car every time to start the car. I have an aftermarket stereo that does not have a power button so the screen stays completely on until the cars turned off. I also have a kicker sound system with one kicker amplifier 1200 watts on the 2004 Acura TSX. I have experienced lights dimming when the music is playing. I only play the music when the car is on. I replaced the battery. And car works like new. I disconnected the subwoofer for now. Do you think I should make some electrical upgrades so that the cars power can work well with the sound system and and after market stereo, What’s the best option for dimming lights,

Lighting fixture replacement, on the other hand, costs less. Since the wiring is already installed and only the fixture or the lightbulbs need to be replaced, the overall cost is reduced. It costs around $110 per lightbulb to replace lighting fixtures outdoors.

“I totally agree with the comments made by d metcalfe. Customers very often don’t live in the real world when it comes down to cost. When comments are made about being “ripped off” and electricians “lining their pockets” with “huge profit margins” it makes my blood boil. I am a domestic installer registered with the NICEIC and confirm what d metcalfe has pointed out so well, that the overheads involved in running a small business are astronomic! The reality is with the present economic down turn customers will try to save money. The result is that sparks who are prepared to cut corners will very often steal work from those who are not and more often than not get away with it. One day they will not and it will be the customers house that will burn down! If it’s an unregistered cowboy outfit they certainly won’t have any liability insurance. I beg customers not to take chances with electrical safety. With a small ammount of knowledge it is possible to wire up electrics. But it takes full comprehensive knowledge to wire up electrics safely and this comes at a price. ”

Disclaimer: Costs and prices shown on the ProMatcher site are intended to be used as general information, not as guaranteed estimates. To obtain cost information relevant to your project, request a quote or estimate from a local service provider.

“Hi, D Met is spot on. It does cost to run a business wether 1 man band or a company with employed electricians (which adds problems when employing people such as employees not turning up, not doing the work right along with employee NI, employees insurance, training the list goes on. Comparing what you earn per hour/day/week etc is not comparable as jammyguy thinks, if you think we make a fortune why aren’t we all driving around in ferraris and living in mansions, Thinking an electrician or contractor should be charging what you earn or if you think electricians are expensive you’ve not thought it through. D met was being conservative in his costings and he missed out marketing and advertising which can cost a fortune and bring nothing in (I got into a radio Ad contract that cost me nearly 4K over 6 months and I got not even a call from it). Since we make such a fortune, I’m sure you’d like to make that sort of money so we’ll be seeing you on the next training course so you can start your own business Jammy, just to set yourself up in a franchised electrical business you’d be looking at about £30,000 plus you’d pay the franchise each month for running that business, now you have an idea of our costs. After that you’d be looking at possibly around 5 years to get a return on investment. Hope this clears some things up!”

never flooded, not in flood plain but just had 34 inches of rain in 5 days, huge flood 5 minutes away, hoping costs don’t increase and that new maps won’t include us in flood plain$250,000 building, $100,000 contents, $1250 deductible… [more]

Disconnect the circuits in the room. This may involve removing a connection from an outlet or switch in another room, or it may involve removing a circuit breaker. Get the help of an electrician if you aren’t comfortable working in the panel to remove a breaker.

A ground-fault circuit interrupter, also called a GFCI device, is required in all electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathroom of a house to reduce the danger of a deadly shock from a faulty plug-in cord or appliance. These devices are also required in all the wet areas of a house like an unfinished basement, laundry room or garage, as well as outdoor areas and wherever there’s construction activity. The device measures outgoing and returning current and shuts off the power if it detects a possible dangerous current imbalance. It has a test button that switches off the power to the outlet and any receptacles connected to it when it is pushed in.

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Electrical repair services, of course, are services offered by licensed electricians to correct problems on electrical wiring systems. The type of service required by clients will depend on the type of establishment where the electrical wiring system is installed. Residential buildings often require repairs for electrical outlets, service panels and switches. The same often goes for commercial establishments but the scale of the work is larger. Since commercial buildings have larger energy needs and bigger electrical systems, the repairs are often large-scale as well.

We are also hiring Commercial Apprentice & Journeyman Electricians for a jobsites in Austin & Round Rock. Apprentice needs 3+ years commercial electrical experience & Journeyman need 5+ years commercial electrical experience. OSHA 10, Journeyman & Apprent…

We have work available in Salt Lake and Provo Utah for 3rd and 4th Year Electrical Apprentices or Licensed Journeyman Electricians. Experience Electricians with big commerical experience to run electrical in new construction is preferred. Panels, boxes, r…

For example, an old knob and tube system may be “upgraded” by the installation of a new panel box and breakers. However, a true assessment of the system must include the condition and reliability of the wiring, switches and receptacles that may remain as original equipment. (Figs. 1 and 2)

Rewiring a home is painstaking and time-consuming work. explains how to fish wires[3] through the walls of your home and at[4] a do-it-yourself shares the progress of a rewiring project.

Many older people still refer to these as fuse boxes which is technically incorrect but we all know what it means. They are the point in the house where the electricity supply (put in at great expense) is split into different isolated circuits e.g. sockets, lighting, cooker, central heating. They are described as n-way where n is the number of circuits. Each of these circuits is protected against overload by its own miniature circuit breaker (MCB) which can cost £4-5 each in materials. There will also be a main switch (for the whole supply) and there is likely to be an RCD (residual current detector) although this may be in a separate box. An RCD will detect leakage current to earth (a potential fault scenario) and very quickly switch off the supply, hopefully preventing a serious or fatal electric shock. However, you can still be killed messing around with electricity in the home! Both RCD’s and MCB’s can be reset after a fault via a small button next to them. The RCD (along with the mains switch) will often be included in the consumer unit itself. A split unit allows some of the circuits to be on the RCD and some not. Why good is that, Well your freezer going off when on holiday due a minor fault elsewhere would be irritating (RCD’s are sensitive) but you would be advisable to have the shower circuit on the RCD for obvious safety reasons. Consumer units cost between £40-150 depending on whether they come with MCB’s, the number of ways, RCD’s, maximum loading etc. To install a consumer unit including materials and labour will according to our surveys cost on average £356 per item/job (as of January 12, 2018).

The retail cost of the panel itself is $300 to $500. Total material costs will depend on the type of panel purchased and any additional features that the property owner wants from their new setup. In some cases, the local utility company will need to install a new power supply and meter to adequately fulfill the property’s new electrical needs. Small materials like fittings, connectors and fasteners usually total less than $100.

Comment: Seeking a repair estimate for an antique vanity/dresser that was damaged when my home was broken into this past winter. I can share photos of the vanity prior to being vandalized and a couple of photos that my son took post-damage. Please let me know if you need more information in order to be able to provide an estimate for what it might cost to repair this piece of furniture. My husband and I are currently living in Belgium, but our son is renting our Prescott home and could take more photos.

Basic labor to install lighting fixture with favorable site conditions. Shut off power to circuit. Layout secure mounting location and cut mounting hole. Secure fixture box. Add or modify wiring from existing switch or parallel fixture within 10 ft. Connect fixture wiring, repower and verify operation. Secure fixture to box and attach trim piece(s). Assumes use of existing circuit and circuit power limit not exceed. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. 1 fixture $50.02 $119.19